Updated : Nov 25, 2019 in emergency response

Tips When You Find Yourself In An Emergency Situation

Hopefully none of us will find ourselves in a dangerous situation or a situation that could be life threating.  Storms such as hurricanes, tornados, landslides, earthquakes and new mass shootings are all situations where we could be in need of emergency response.

If you need help here are some tips that you can do before and during the situation to ensure that you are safe and will get out of the situation. 

First of all, stay calm.  If you keep a level head and don’t panic you will be better off.  When we first find ourselves in these types of situations our first instinct is to yell, scream and panic.  If we do this, we are wasting valuable energy and time.  Stay calm and focus.

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Next, determine if you are hurt.  If you are hurt or if someone else is hurt, you want to see how badly.  If you can move and get any type of medical supplies do this.  If not, see if there is any bleeding or other injuries that you can get under control.  Use whatever is clean round you as bandages.  The idea is to stabilize the situation so you can make rational decisions.

Finally, after you are able to determine your situation you want to contact help.  If you can use a cell phone, call 911.  If you can yell out a window do that.  If you need help, try to make a sign that people can see.  Hang a white sheet or other colored sheet out a window if possible.  Any type of signal that you’re alive and in need of help is should be done.

Before you are injured or find yourself in this type of situation you will want to have a few things in place.  First, let people know where you will be if a storm or something were to hit.  Create a communication protocol with your friends and family to ensure that if something doesn’t happen that you should be looked in on. 

Preparing for the worst is vital to your survival.  Help any rescue personal to find and assist you when you are in trouble.  Every moment counts, so anything that you can to do speed up the process will only benefit everyone.