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Tick A Lot More Widespread Than Thought

It was quite a wise and sensible gentleman that pointed this out to the copywriter. The online copywriter is having a go at material to do with the work tick control services annapolis technicians are doing for local businesses and residential communities. The perception may have been that ticks at large are not as prevalent as the more common insect species, like flies and cockroaches, for instance.

They may have thought that the tick was quite an elusive creature because they would hardly see it on any given day. But that is always going to depend where the conversationalists are located. And whether or not they are in possession of the proverbial beady eye. Because the ticks are there alright. You do not see them because they prefer to hide away. In commercial or industrial hotspots they generally tend towards wood.

So do expect to find ticks in scrapyards and lumberyards. You could even find them in your own backyard if you have not been the best of housekeepers. But the popular consensus has always been that where there are animals, ticks will be found. That much is true. You’ll find so-called domestic ticks on the backs or legs of your pet dog. But that would only happen if you were one of those who did not care.

tick control services annapolis

If you did not care for man’s best friend, you would not have been taking him to the local vet. At least once a year. And as it turns out, the vet would usually have an anti-tick formula to immunise the domestic pet against ticks. Ticks are also found in the wild. But these wild ticks are an important part of the animal kingdom’s eco-system. Birds, for instance, love to eat them.