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Knowing The Best Foods To Eat

Our diets are not fads or ways to lose weight.  Our diets are the food choices that we make and a lifestyle we decide to live.  With this understanding the types of foods we put into our bodies and the produce importing company medley fl we use to get those foods is also very important.  The old saying, you are what you eat is very true.  So, how do we know what we are eating is good for us?

Stay away from sugar

Sugar is a bad substance.  Well, not really, but how we approach sugar in our lives can make it a dangerous substance.  When we consume sugar, it is turned into what is known as glucose.  This glucose is what we use for energy.  This is why when we consume sugar, we become hyperactive.  The bad part of using sugar is that if we don’t burn off all of this glucose it will turn to fat.

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Eat protein

Proteins are the building blocks for our entire body.  The more protein and lean protein that we consume the more building blocks our bodies have to work with.  When consuming protein however, you want to stay away from sugars.  Sugars are consumers of protein molecules.  When we have more sugar to protein, the protein we consume won’t be absorbed as desired.

Drink water

With the foods that we consume we also need to drink a lot of water.  Drinking soda, alcohol and other beverages can have a negative effect on our bodies.  These beverages contain sugars, salts and artificial components that are not good for us.  These combined with bad food choices will result in our bodies breaking down and not working to their optimal efficiency.


Finally, exercise is needed to balance everything out.  When we exercise we are burning fat and sugars.  The exercise will also help build muscles and help with blood flow and other components to a healthy body. 

In life, everything works together.  It is your job to create the perfect balance that works for you and your body.  Not any two people are alike.  Do what works for you.